Maternity Ward in Mbour Medina

In Fall 2017, we began to design a maternity ward for the Poste de Santé medical clinic in the Medina district of Mbour. We are excited to share that we completed the project in December 2018 and opened the clinic in January 2019!

Previously, expectant mothers and their newborns were cared for in rooms shared with patients being treated for diseases, some contagious. A separate maternity ward is necessary to ensure adequate health for both mothers and children.

Through a generous grant from our friends at International Foundation, we have been able to support the construction of this important project. We are currently in the fundraising stage to support an independent solar energy installation to support the clinic’s energy needs. Please consider donating today or contacting us for sponsorship opportunities to support this vital work.

Beginnings of construction at the maternity ward:

The previous state of the clinic, overflowing with patients:


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