MAP Cheikh Amadou Lo School

With the opening of our kindergarten on the Cheikh Amadou Lô site on October 3, 2017, our 15-classroom campus is now complete. Many thanks to our generous friends at Moms Against Poverty (MAP) for their full and continued support.

First day of classes at the MAP Cheikh Amadou Lô Preschool:


Our 12-classroom elementary school at Cheikh Amadou Lô (CALO), built between 2015-2016, opened in October 2016 and serves over 1,000 pupils.

The site of a previously disused school, CALO was completely refurbished and the classrooms are ready for the first day of classes of the 2016-17 school year. While the elementary school students were in session, we set out to build a kindergarten on the site, funded entirely by Moms Against Poverty. The kindergarten opened in October 2017.

Our principal benefactors for the CALO project are:

  • Moms Against Poverty, USA
  • La Tavola Valdese, Italy
  • The Mayor’s office of Mbour
  • Nando ed Elsa Peretti Foundation, Italy

Pictures of our construction

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