Demain Ensemble: The Accessible Campus

We’re currently undertaking a major fundraising drive to support the Demain Ensemble school, a school for students with physical disabilities in Mbour.

Demain Ensemble was founded by Mr. Alioune Deh, a retired history and geography teacher. In 2010, he created an association to fundraise for and support this school, which now serves kindergarten and elementary school students.

“When I was 35, I was told that in the next few years of my life I would lose my sight completely,” Mr. Deh says. “What would I do, I thought? I decided not to lose hope. My handicap had never prevented me from doing my work. I believe that this is a right guaranteed to every individual from their birth.”

The school’s foundation is inclusive education, building a school system that welcomes children who are physically handicapped or have learning disabilities. Currently, 65 of Demain Ensemble’s 200 students have some type of disability.

Today, the main problem is that the school site, currently in a rented building, will be taken back for other development in October 2018, when school starts in Senegal. Friends of the school have been lucky enough to purchase a plot of land in the same neighborhood. Natangué-Sénégal is the lead fundraising partner to support the construction of five classrooms, a learning lab for the blind, offices for teachers and clean toilets. We have quoted this cost to be roughly $60,000 USD.


Please consider making a donation to support the construction of this anchor institution.

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